Vivian Bird in his book Warwickshire describes Solihull as ëthe rural dormitory jam in the industrial sandwich between Birmingham and Coventry'. Its centre is about six miles from the centre of Birmingham and there is no countryside between the two. The restored church dates back to the thirteenth century. Solihull School, now a Public School, was opened in 1560, though some consider its origins are earlier than this. There are many fine records, see Solihull Parish Book.

DIOCESE: Lichfield. HUNDRED: Hemlingford. UNION: Solihull

ADJOINING PARISHES: Sheldon (now in Birmingham), Elmdon, Hampton-in-Arden, Barston, Knowle, Packwood, Tanworth-in-Arden, Wythall (Worcestershire), Kings Norton and Yardley (formerly in Worcestershire, now in Birmingham)

HAMLETS: Shirley (registers start 1832), Monkspath, Olton, Dorridge, Henwood, Longdon, Catherine de Barnes, Forshaw Heath.

Parish Registers: Christenings: 1539-1945 Marriages: 1538-1945 Burials: 1538-1909 Banns 1797-1944.
Shirley: Christenings: 1833-1977

Marriages: 1843-1975 Burials: 1832-1967 Banns 1843-1975. Olton: Christenings: 1890-1898.

Bishop's Transcripts : 1673-1846 LIC 1837-1893 (gaps) WAR
Shirley: 1833-1841 LIC 1837-1867 WAR

IGI: Christenings: 1539-1668 & 1770-1878, Marriages: 1538-1668 & 1754-1880.
Also Bethesda Independent Christenings: 1826-1837. Widely available; BMSGH(PS)

REGISTER COPIES: CMB 1538-1668 Ptd ( PRS 54)
Christenings: 1538-1921, Marriages: 1538-1914, Burials: 1538-1909 SOL
CMB 1538-1668 SoG , IHGS
Banns 1875-1907 SoG

NONCONFORMIST: Roman Catholic: see Source Material and C, M & R Vol.2.

Christenings: 1687-1876 Marriages: 1824-1840 Burials: 1821-1855 M Christenings: 1823-1867.
Congregational: Bethesda Z 1825-1837 PRO , COV , Z 1836-1837.
Baptist: Shirley M Christenings: 1907-1910.

MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS: Memorials of the Church of St.Alphege, Solihull, Rev.C.Evans 1886 Notes on churchyard survey, 1960 with transcription of some old gravestones (3 leaves). Folder relating to proposed levelling of churchyard contains a considerable amount of information relating to the inscriptions on gravestones and curbstones which have been removed.
St.Alphege BMSGH m/fiche , WAR , SoG , BIR
Dorridge: Shirley. Olton. Churchyard SoG


CENSUS RETURNS: All (inc.Shirley) WAR , SOL
1841 51 61 71 81 & 1851 Catherine de Barnes BIR
1841 BMSGH SoG , BIR
1851 BMSGH SI v.9 SoG , BIR
1851 vIV (RR) , SoG
1851 Forshaw Heath BMSGH SI v.9 SoG
1851 Shirley:BMSGH SI v.9 SoG
1881 BCP , BMSGH(PS)

Burial 1813-1837 St. Augustine (RC) 1821-1837 Shirley 1833-1837
Marriage 1538-1668 & 1754-1837
Poor Law c1690-1860

MANORIAL RECORDS: 1551-1772 STR 1821 BIR Lyndon Manor Court Rolls 1376-1472, Ministers' accounts 1469-1471, Henwood Prior, rental 1536. WAR

DEEDS: Deeds 1230-1721 STR See also Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton and Greswold collections.

OTHER SOURCES: Many emigrants had assistance with their passage from the parish under the provisions of the 1834 Poor Law. The records, which are normally lists of emigrants giving occupations and destinations, are arranged by counties and Poor Law Unions - PRO Class MH12. Under this scheme five emigrants from this parish went to Canada in 1844.

The following are at WAR
Bird of Solihull, pedigree. J.T.Bolton, Solicitor, 1830-1868.
Pedigree of Chattock family, letters, papers etc 1790-19th century.
Diaries of the Rev.Archer Clive, Rector of Solihull, 1838-1852.
Records relating to Rev R.S.Edwards and his family, 1681, 1847-1929.
Greswold of Malvern Hall.
Greswold family notes - see Allesley.
Ludlow family, Pedigree 1813-1913.
Accounts of Wm.Pitt, Viscount Holmesdale's estates 1840-1847.
Rev.Robert Stafford of Solihull, records.
Plan of John Dennison's estate 19th century (Shirley).
Map of Eastcote Hall in Barston and surrounding lands there and in Solihull 1720.
Parish magazines 1880-1885, 1890-1893, 1896-1958.
Ward collection drawings.

Solihull Parish Book 1525-1720, transcribed by G.L.Bishop 1977. This is a remarkable work of exceptional value to the family historian. It is in two volumes, the second being a vast index of persons which runs to 158 pages. Volume one has 390 pages. WAR

The following are at SOL
Estate map of 1801 showing lands of Richard Gough in Solihull. SOL
Parish map of Solihull with a detailed inset of the town centre dating to pre 1850 and the Solihull Parish Tithe Map c1840. SOL
Solihull and its School, J.Burman.
Solihull and the Surrounding Districts, 1930's, N.Boston.
Pocket Diaries July 1845-Dec 1847; A.Clive.
Journals Feb.1838-Dec 1873, A.and C.Clive.
Caroline Clive: from her diary and papers,1949, M.Clive.
Memories of my Village: Solihull in the Thirties, 1992, Leonard Maxwell.
The Origins of Solihull, V.Skipp, 1977 & 1984.
Solihull Place Names, (1979), and Looking Back at Solihull, (1987), J.Woodall and M.Varley.
Roads of Solihull 1987, D.Moore.
The Book of Greater Solihull, J.Woodall, 1990.
Solihull, A Pictorial History, Sue Bates 1991.
Solihull Workhouse, Solihull Archaeological Group, No.5 June 1978.
Two articles in War.Hist: Mediaeval Boroughs in Warwickshire, Coleshill and Solihull, Vol.4 No.1 and The Reformation Clergy in Solihull, Vol.2 No.4.
W.I. Scrapbook 1965 for Shirley.

Solihull Parish magazines 1880-1885 BIR
Olton, Solihull and Acocks Green Journal, 1911-1914 BIR
Survey of Heraldry in St.Alphege's Church Solihull BMSGH (Pbn) BIR , SoG
Solihull and its Church, R.Pemberton 1905 SOL BMSGH (RL) .
Damson By The Pound, Memories of a Warwickshire Family 1900-1939, Stanley J. Beavan, 1993 (Combines much local history of Solihull and surrounding areas with family history) BMSGH(LL)
St. Alphege Brochure for the Church's 750th Anniversary 1970 BMSGH(LL)
Transcripts, Notes and Analyses...see Bickenhill.

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